A glimpse into our Group Sessions which form part of The Class of SteelE Mentoring Program

Here we give you the opportunity to view the recordings of some of our online mentoring sessions for adults and young people. During each session our mentors impart a great deal of knowledge to their mentees. We trust that, in your viewing, what you receive will benefit you immensely.

The Class of SteelE endeavors to share with its members the knowledge, experience and tools of successful individuals - now mentors, trainers and leaders - to equip and inspire them along their journey. 

Our mentoring programs will provide you with: ✓ Life-long Learning   ✓ Current & Relevant Information   ✓ Informative & Inspiring Sessions   ✓ Knowledgeable & Experienced Mentors   ✓ Answers to Your Questions  ✓ The Support of the Network

To view more of our sessions, kindly subscribe to our YOUTUBE ChannelThe Class of Steele - YouTube  and also invite others to subscribe, watch and share the videos. Please be aware that many of our sessions are not available for public viewing.  

If you are interested to learn more about The Class of SteelE or would like to become a member click here Contact Us or Telephone: UK Direct/WhatsApp +447901 244664

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