The Class of Steele
I want to thank you for taking the time to visit our website and for your interest in mentorship. You will find lots of very interesting information to assist you on your journey with us. As a mentor, I have come to realize that the older I get and the more I learn - subjects are broader than we think and there are always greater levels of knowledge to attain.   In view of this, I encourage you to engage the idea of "life long-learning". The practice of such an idea ensures that you continuously develop yourself,  both mentally and physically.  It gives you the skills, ability and confidence to create, change or adapt along your journey.

Dr. Michael Steele - Lead Mentor

The Importance of Mentorship 

Mentorship holds a profound and lasting significance in personal and professional growth, playing a pivotal role in shaping individuals into their best selves. Its importance stems from the rich array of benefits it offers:

Guidance and Wisdom: Mentors bring valuable experience and insights to the table. They have navigated challenges and opportunities that mentees may encounter, enabling them to provide timely guidance, practical advice, and real-world perspectives.

Skill Development: Effective mentors help mentees enhance their skills, knowledge, and expertise. Through constructive feedback and tailored guidance, mentees can refine their abilities, accelerate their learning curve, and achieve higher levels of proficiency.

Networking Opportunities: Mentors often have extensive networks that mentees can tap into. This opens doors to new connections, potential collaborators, and opportunities that may not have been accessible otherwise.

Confidence Boost: The support and encouragement of a mentor can boost a mentee's confidence and self-esteem. Having someone believe in your potential and offer reassurance can empower you to take on challenges and push your boundaries.

Career Advancement: Mentorship can significantly impact career growth. Mentors can offer insights on career paths, share industry-specific knowledge, and provide advice on how to navigate the complexities of the professional world.

Personal Growth: Mentorship extends beyond just professional development. Mentors often guide mentees in developing a strong sense of self, setting goals, and aligning personal values with professional aspirations.

Long-Term Relationships: Mentorship often leads to enduring relationships. The bond between a mentor and mentee can foster a sense of belonging, support, and camaraderie that lasts well beyond the formal mentoring period.

Knowledge Transfer: Mentors pass on tacit knowledge, lessons learned, and best practices that may not be available in textbooks or formal education. This knowledge transfer ensures that valuable insights are preserved and shared across generations.

Innovation and Creativity: Exposure to diverse perspectives and ideas from mentors can stimulate innovative thinking and creative problem-solving. By challenging mentees to think differently, mentors contribute to a culture of continuous improvement.

Legacy and Impact: Mentorship allows individuals to leave a positive legacy by contributing to the development of future leaders and professionals. Mentees, in turn, often become mentors themselves, perpetuating a cycle of growth and support.

In essence, mentorship provides a dynamic platform for learning, personal growth, and mutual enrichment. It serves as a bridge between experience and potential, nurturing individuals to become empowered, confident, and successful contributors to their fields and communities.

Class of SteelE Mentors

We believe that mentorship is an important aspect of an individual's success. Though we are mentors, we too are mentored, not only by those who are senior to us in knowledge and experience but by those on our level and even junior. We all learn from each other as learning takes place when we actively listen and talk to others - this is the basis of mentorship. 

As mentors we: 
- Stay knowledgeable by being life-long learners 
- Are active listeners 
- Share our core values
- Share our experiences and give relevant advice
- Pay attention to progress and give genuine, quality feedback
- Are intentional with time
- Value our network
- Like to be in the growth zone
- Are promoters of next generation success
- Are happy to see others win
In the Class of SteelE, you will be given the opportunity to learn from us as we share the knowledge, skills and experiences that have empowered us to be able to continue to succeed in our fields of business and in our personal lives. 

We aim to help you avoid common mistakes, navigate challenges and build a notable legacy. 

We recommend that you take time to identify a good mentor, one that is right for you. First, get to know if there exists a "mentor/mentee chemistry" with reciprocity and mutual respect between you and your potential mentor. This is important to the relationship you will build together and the outcomes you hope to achieve. 

With that said, we hope that you will be able to benefit immensely from what the Class of SteelE has to offer.




Your Foundation

Every Building needs a Foundation for sure - equally there is no great foundation that does not have STEEL in it. Well, I might be that STEEL with the E at the end [STEELE]- Not ONLY STEEL but with an E added for EXCELLENCE. So, Welcome to the Class of EXCELLENCE!

I want to give you a few foundational thoughts for your Mentor and Mentee relationship. I will NEVER claim to be an expert on the subject in no form or fashion, but I will tell you that I am a STUDENT of life and therein lies a foundation stone for a GREAT POTENTIAL Mentor. 

I believe these points will be helpful to you if you intend to be successful in The Class of SteelE. 

1. Don’t hesitate to join our program. I have heard others say that, “Now is not a good time.” My belief is there's never a better time than when the opportunity first arises. 

2. Be proactive. Set up clear goals for this mentoring relationship. Be open for constructive feedback. Be open to the possibilities the relationship brings and be clear on communicating your needs and desires.

3. Be honest with yourself and with me as your mentor - based on who you are and your values. I can ONLY help you if I truly get to know you.

4. Find a way to add value to the relationship. Mentoring is a two-way street and you are well capable of helping me to grow better and greater. For the record - I would never agree to mentor someone who has not identified what they have to offer the world or who isn't willing to try to find out.

Dr. Michael Steele
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