The Art of Public Speaking 

10 Weeks Personal Development Group Training
STARTING Saturday 4th May 2024
The Class of Steele

Course Objectives & Expected Outcomes

Course Objectives 

1. Developing Public Speaking Skills: 

Provide participants with a solid foundation in public speaking, including understanding the principles of effective communication, structuring speeches, and delivering presentations confidently. 

2. Overcoming Fear and Anxiety: 

Help participants overcome stage fright and nervousness associated with public speaking through practical techniques, exercises, and strategies. 

3. Enhancing Communication Competence: 

Improve participants' verbal and nonverbal communication skills, including vocal variety, body language, and eye contact, to effectively engage and connect with audiences. 

4. Crafting Compelling Messages: 

Teach participants how to craft clear, concise, and compelling messages tailored to their audience, purpose, and context, using storytelling, persuasion, and rhetorical devices. 

5. Building Confidence and Presence: 

Boost participants' self-confidence, presence, and charisma as speakers, enabling them to command attention, exude authenticity, and leave a lasting impression on their audience. 

6. Providing Feedback and Evaluation: 

Offer constructive feedback, guidance, and support to help participants identify areas for improvement, refine their skills, and build upon their strengths as speakers. 

7. Developing Critical Thinking Skills: 

Cultivate participants' critical thinking skills by analyzing and evaluating speeches, identifying effective techniques and strategies, and applying them to their own speaking practice. 

8. Promoting Audience Engagement: 

Teach participants how to engage and connect with their audience effectively, using interactive techniques, storytelling, humor, and visual aids to capture attention and maintain interest. 

9. Adapting to Different Speaking Contexts: 

Equip participants with the ability to adapt their communication style and delivery to various speaking contexts, such as formal presentations, impromptu speeches, virtual settings, and networking events. 

10. Fostering Professional Growth: 

Support participants in developing their personal brand as speakers, networking with other professionals, and pursuing opportunities for career advancement and personal growth. 

Expected Outcomes: 

1. Increased confidence and self-assurance in public speaking situations. 
2. Enhanced ability to articulate ideas, messages, and stories effectively. 
3. Improved vocal delivery, body language, and nonverbal communication skills. 
4. Greater clarity, coherence, and organization in speech structure and content. 
5. Enhanced audience engagement and connection through effective storytelling and persuasion. 
6. Reduced anxiety and nervousness associated with public speaking. 
7. Ability to receive and incorporate constructive feedback for continuous improvement. 
8. Adaptability and versatility in speaking across different contexts and audiences. 
9. Increased visibility, credibility, and influence as a speaker and communicator. 
10. Continued growth and development in public speaking skills beyond the course. 

Overall, the objectives and expected outcomes of this public speaking course aims to empower participants to communicate confidently, persuasively, and authentically, both in a professional and personal setting.

Classes will be conducted from 17:00 hrs - 19:00 hrs London Time Zone each Saturday

Official Schedule: 

17:00 - 17:15 - Welcome and Introductions
17:15 - 18:15 - Official Training Session
18:15 - 18:45 - LIVE PUBLIC Discussion
18:45 - 19:00 - Closing remarks and information on Next Training

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The Art of Public Speaking 

10 Weeks Personal Development Group Training
STARTING Saturday 4th May 2024