About Us

The Class of SteelE, founded by His Excellency Dr. Michael A. Steele and a dedicated team, is committed to educating global citizens and nation builders. Our group offers empowering opportunities to members as they pursue their goals and impact nations worldwide.

H. E. Dr. Michael Steele who resides in London, England, have a personal network that is made up of personal and professional associates, mentors, and trainers from diverse countries. With strategic partnerships, we provide essential tools for personal and professional growth.

Dr. Steele and Her Excellency Jeannie Steele, both experienced and Dr. Steele well-traveled, are passionate about fostering success. Our founders and team are d
evoted to nurturing achievement by establishing synergistic partnerships and promoting learning opportunities that drive growth and progress.  In view of this, Dr. Steele has aligned with the United Nations and advises on Sustainable Development Goals as he recognizes the power of education on combating poverty and it's transformative force that empowers individuals, shapes societies, and fuels innovation.
With internationally recognized trainers and mentors, like Her Excellency Dr. Anita Davis-Defoe, our members endeavors to cultivate the next generation of leaders. We have trained and mentored individuals from various countries including England and other parts of Europe, the USA, Canada, Barbados and other Caribbean Territories, the UAE and African nations such as South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, South Sudan and Botswana. 

The Class of SteelE and its team are dedicated to seeing everyone succeed, contributing to a global culture of achievement and progress.

Our Mission

To educate individuals, organizations, and communities interested in personal and professional development. 

To empower individuals, organizations, and communities interested in national development, nation building and global citizenship. 

To provide our clients with comprehensive, factual and effective mentorship, training, guidance and resources. 

To encourage leaders and consumers to inspire, challenge, and equip others to live out leadership and reach their full potential.

To positively participate in the building and maintenance of efficient and sustainable societies and countries.

Our Core Values

Operating with honesty and integrity in all dealings.

Committing to the establishment of WIN-WIN solutions for our partners, associates and service users.

Exhibiting a conscientious pursuit of excellence in our approach.

Respect the rights, differences, and dignity of others in our endeavor to accomplish THE HIGHEST NATIONAL GOOD.

Standing accountable for our actions and conduct universally.

Honesty and Integrity in ALL dealings.

Life is a Journey not a destination!