H. E. Ambassador Dr. Michael A. Steele

Dr. Steele is a humanitarian and mentor, with a passion to see people succeed and win on their life's journey. To feed his passion he works hard on influencing and empowering others, from all walks of life who want to live and reach their fullest potential, by giving them the tools they will need - in the place they are at.  Dr. Steele also functions as a certified United Nations Peace Ambassador for a number of international organizations and is an Ambassador-At-Large.

He is the Co-Owner & CEO of Steele Design Studio Limited and the Founder and Lead Mentor of The Class of Steele Limited, a training and mentoring organization in the United Kingdom.  He is also a Non-Executive Director for Ethos Asset Management Inc which is currently one of the top 25 project financing companies in the world.

Dr. Steele has served as an advisor in many international organizations including The Metropolitan Police Authority, London as a member of the Scotland Yard based IAG.

He has also served as Secretary General for The International Gathering for Peace and Human Rights in Africa.  In his role, Dr. Steele worked closely with the Chairman to connect and establish relations with various governments, leaders and royal dynasties of African descent with great success. The organization has been responsible for honoring many nobles through-out Africa, within the diaspora and internationally.

Dr. Steele is well-travelled, having already visited well over 200 cities around the world and spoken in a number of them.  He is an avid reader who enjoys reading books on various topics and continues to broaden his knowledge in areas of interest by taking courses and engaging experts in dialogue. 

In his leisure time he thoroughly enjoys fixing his many Rubix Cubes, playing British Crown Green Bowling and challenging his son in survival games like Fortnite. He is also well trained in Martial Arts.  

Finally, Dr. Steele is a gifted public speaker with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.   In addition to these qualities, his working experiences and relationships, shaped him into a well-rounded individual, giving him a unique ability to transfer his knowledge to others in a way they understand and in a way that inspires them to act.

Below are topics Dr. Steele is keen to address however, kindly note that he is by no means limited to what he can speak on. 

  • Negotiation
  • Diplomacy
  • Leadership
  • Security 
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Strategic Planning
  • ...Something Else
  • Motivational Speaker for Adult and Youth Groups 
  • Lecturer for/on Peace and Human Rights - Initiatives 
  • Trainer– Life Skills & Conflict Resolution 
  • Marriage, Divorce & Relationships


  • Leaders Without Borders Development Centre, Annual Business Summit/International Honors,  Dubai, UAE - May 2021
  • Leaders Without Borders Development Centre, Annual Business Summit/International Honors, London - May 2022
  • Women of Stature Annual Awards Ceremony, Cape Town, South Africa - January 2023
  • CEDI Funders/Financiers and Business Experts Event, Barbados - June 2023


By virtue of his significant volume of knowledge and experience, Dr. Steele is known to be a speaker on many topics. Whether you’re looking to host an event about the newest advances in technology or aspiring to motivate your team, you can trust that he will be the ideal conference or corporate speaker for you. 

By consulting with you, we can customized a keynote or training tailored specifically for your event or meeting. Our team can give you the latest speaker topics and the newest meeting trends highlighted in industries. We will chat with you and learn all about your event, your theme and the audience you are catering to. We especially want to know, how you want your audience to feel so that the keynote or training will be designed to best fit your program.  Dr. Steele can address any size audience, engage with them and is willing to assist outside of the event.

Our aim is to cause you to achieve the outcome for your event that you desire.

To book Dr. Steele as the speaker for your upcoming event, kindly fill out the form below.

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UK  +44 7909189300 
My Perspective as a Mentor


I want to thank you for taking the time to log on to https://theclassofsteele.com you will find lots of very - interesting information to assist you on your journey with us.

As a mentor I have come to realise that the older I get the more I know how much I really need to LEARN more.

Life Long Learning was a thing that created a - "Hell NO" response from me in my younger years. However - I am currently celebrating my newfound love for LEARNING.

In this brief first of many to come posts - I want to give you a few thoughts on Mentoring and Mentee relationships. I will NEVER claim to be an expert on the subject in no form or fasshion, but I will tell you that I am a STUDENT of life and therein lies the foundation stone for a GREAT POTENTIAL Mentor. 

Every Building needs a Foundation for sure -

Equally there is no great foundation that does not have STEEL in it.

Well, I might be THAT STEEL with the E at the end [STEELE]- Not ONLY STEEL but with E for EXCELLENCE.

Welcome to the Class of EXCELLENCE - You already know you need STEEL in your foundation.

After all that chitty chat - which when you get to know me better you will realise - as the saying goes "I am full of it...."

However don't be fooled - Not many get to hear me speaking unless of course they read my posts or they listen to me speaking on a public forum - You are very fortunate to be able to get to know me better than most as I will NOT be making this BLOG Private.

If you are here, realise that it is for YOU to know me intimately and be one to KNOW when it was me who said a something or when it was me who wrote it.

Ok, on with the subject at hand - Please see the below points, I think they would be helpful to you if you intend to be successful in The Class of SteelE.

Don’t hesitate to join The Class of SteelE program.

I have heard others say that, “Now is not a good time.” My belief is there is never a better time than when the opportunity first arises.

Be proactive and be honest with yourself and me as your mentor, based on who you are and your values.

I can ONLY help you if I truly get to know you

  • Set up clear goals for this mentoring relationship.
  • Be open for constructive feedback.
  • Be open to the possibilities the relationship brings and be clear on communicating your needs and desires.

Find a way to add value to the relationship. Mentoring is a two-way street and you are well capable of helping me to grow better and greater.

Just for the record - I would never agree to mentor someone who has does not know what they have to offer the world or is not willing to try to find out.

Below are some of the things I gleaned from one of my source organisations once you are in the mentoring loop and have the ability to learn from the greats -

Here are what some of their Mentees shared as points to ponder

I regret not making the absolute most out of the program as I was so busy with work. I missed a few networking events and I regret not making the most of those opportunities.

Mentorship widens your horizons, embrace it whole-heartedly.

Be open to what kind of support The Class of SteelE  can provide you. We have coaching strengths versus networking strengths, while it’s good to have a clear idea of what you want going into the mentor-mentee relationship, just remember, we are able to support you in ways you might not have expected.

Be proactive!

Follow up with the people we introduce  you to, and above all come into your catch-ups with ideas for you to bounce off of us - In as much as we as Mentors might be intuitive [sometimes] we also depend moreso on your ability to express and share your personal thoughts and ideas, so we can advise you along the lines of YOUR Interest specifically.

Be proactive and make most out of your mentorship.

Come in knowing you may not be matched with someone in an area of the industry that you’re interested in. It will no doubt surprise you, what that person has and who that person knows that can possibly add significant value to you and or your progress.

Remember A Nurse at the hospital might not be the right fit when you are looking for a Mechanic to fix your mercedes - BUT, Please... Don't be so simple minded in thinking she has no value to your current NEED.

Her husband - brother - friend - associate might be the mechanic fit you need. Or she might have shares in a garage that specialises in fixing Mercedes.

In other words PLEASE be open minded and willing to learn from everyone. There is wisdom in that saying. I hope you value it.

  1. Start the initial meeting with me as a ‘get to know you’ session and then work out what you want to learn from us in The Class of SteelE and how we can assist you in your career or personal goals.

  2. Have an idea of what you want to get out of the experience for more constructive conversations with me/US.

  3. It is worth putting yourself out there and getting involved.

  4. Offer structure by thinking critically about your career and what you’d like to do in the short, medium and long term.

  5. Be honest with us and have frank discussions, including going into detail about specific experiences so we are better suited to show you what you can learn from them, or how they can be used to you advantage.

  6. Don’t be afraid to reach out and make contact frequently or as often as necessary.

  7. Be open minded and true to yourself.

  8. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and be willing to be vulnerable and voice your concerns or doubts. Ask for what you want.

  9. Try to have some idea of what you want to get out of the program and be willing to do some deep, honest reflecting.

  10. Be proactive in engagement with us. Let us Respect each other’s time and effort.

  11. Prepare before your sessions, go in with an agenda or three things you would like to share or discuss.

  12. Be clear with what you want out of our mentor relationship i.e. do you want help with goals, specific advice or do you just want a more experienced voiced in the industry? Please don't assume, we will know what you want or need because you reached out to us immediately.

    We have hundreds who reach out to The Class of SteelE - and all for different reasons.

  13. Be clear about what you want from the program/s. Be practical and reasonable in what you can achieve in the time frame. Be committed.

    I actually share these thoughts because having unrealistic expectations of supernatural results in quick timeframes can cause one to become disillusioned and in some casesoverwhelmed.

    We would lie to you if we told you there is any quick fixes in your PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT.

    Remember your development is based on your BUILDING - which is made up of TOOLS and DOINGs.

Well, for a first post you might not have expected so much chit chat but I truly hope it adds Value to our new found friendship and leads us closer to a long lasting Relationship.

Whichever way it works out - Happy 2021 and a BIG

WELCOME to The Class of SteelE where we celebrate with you in YOUR DECADE OF SUCCESS


the mentor