Rev. Dr. Daniel E. Sopuru
I am Rev. Dr. Daniel E. Sopuru. I joined the Class of SteelE two months after its inauguration. What I have gained from this class cannot be fathomed. It is preponderant to mention here that my view of the world has drastically changed. Before now I used to see the world from one perspective - Christian worldview. This means that only the Christian worldview formed my decisions, but the Class of SteelE led by His Excellency Bishop Michael Steele and his first lady, Her Excellency, Jeannie Steele, has opened my eyes to other worldviews. 

Being Globally Relevant is the guiding principle of the Class of SteelE. The teachings I received from Bishop Michael Steele and other invited speakers have opened me up into accepting and relating with other worldviews. For example, even though I have Muslim neighbours, I saw them as unfriendly and irrelevant to my course, but the Class of SteelE has changed my perspective toward them. Today, we relate very well and I see them as friends. 

Secondly, there are words that occur repeatedly during our sessions in class. These words are Integrity, Character, Respect, Honour, Humility, Adding Value to one's life and to the life of others. These words have consciously and unconsciously affected my entire positively to the glory of God. Being globally relevant demands that these words be an integral part of our lives. 

Space and time will not allow me to mention all the rubrics of the lessons I imbibed in my life from all the lectures I have so far received from the Class of SteelE. I believe that any good thing is worth sharing; therefore, may I use this golden opportunity to invite as many pastors, Christians and individuals as possible to join the Class of SteelE to be Globally Relevant and to be Peace Ambassadors in the world. 

I thank God that I have been trained as Peace Ambassador thanks to the Class of SteelE led by His Excellency Bishop Michael Steele and his first lady, Her Excellency, Jeannie Steele. It is important to mention here that my own first and only lady, Patience Sopuru, bears witness to this testimony. 

Thank you all! 

Rev. Dr. Daniel Sopuru
Ms Bella Sifa Mugisha
My name is Bella Sifa Mugisha.  I am Ugandan, a business woman in the fields of Art and Design (makeup artist and interior designers) and a member of Class of SteelE which is helping me to be a better me, to help others and to empower women and young people! 

What is class of SteelE and why I joined, you may ask?   The Class of SteelE is an organization founded by H. E. Bishop Dr. Michael Steele and a team of like-minded individuals, to educate global citizens and citizen-leaders for our societies. The organization provides its members with opportunities that will empower them, as they work towards the fulfillment of their goals/destiny while making a great impact in countries around the world.  I joined this class in December 2020 as I really needed a mentor and someone to learn from. Mostly for us women who were born in Africa it’s hard to stand up on your own and do something. I remember meeting a rich man who wanted to invest his money in different businesses, he found me at the place where I used to work and had liked my work ethics and my customer care so he kept on coming back and we became friends. One day he invited me for coffee, I joined him and we had a business conversation, he asked "Belle if you had the money you want, what can you do?” Innocently, I told him about my dream business and how it can work and its benefits he said "that’s amazing, I never thought about something like that before, hope you will get the money and start your dream business!"  After some time he started my dream business exactly the way I told him and he came back wanting to hire me to work for him in my dream business...!!! You can imagine how I felt - I was extremely disappointed, my wing was cut off and I gave up - that was until I was introduced to the Class of SteelE! 

So, by the time I joined the Class of SteelE I needed to be empowered by learning from people who have greater experience and wisdom. I know that Class of SteelE is a place for me and you, so far I have learned a lot, the biggest change I got is in my mindset and self-confidence - when you change your mindset you can change the world. You can change the situation around you, either in business or in leadership. Courage to know that you can achieve that goal, you are enough to do what you are determined to do - just don’t give up! No matter how many times you have failed get up and try again, you only fail when you stop trying! 

Let me conclude as I encourage you, especially young African to join the class of SteelE, we are the change the world needs but we have to change ourselves first, we need to change our mindset, we need to learn more and more! H. E. Dr. Michael Steele has a wealth of knowledge and experience. He is a very well-traveled and read man of God who is a seasoned minister and who is deeply passionate about seeing people win in life. He will highlight your goal, open your mind and encourage you to be a better you! Change is possible, African can be better but it needs me and you to change it! And all we need most is knowledge, we need to be educated! Future leaders, business women and men and investors I encourage you to join the Class of SteelE - The Decade of Success.

Ms Bella Sifa Mugisha  
Rev. Dr. Paul Udemba
I am Rev. Dr. Paul Udemba, by the ordination and call of God, I am a Prophet to the nations, called into the Deliverance of the world. I have traveled to countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe.

I joined the Class of SteelE out of curiosity some months ago just to find out what is all about. Then I discovered that there is a lot to learn from the class of Steele, which mentorship is about making people better and changing your mind set from the selfish love we know to loving each other as human beings. I have also learnt that you can reach whatever height you want and achieve all your goals if you can put your TRUST  in God in God and believe in yourself. 

In the Class of SteelE there is a lot to learn. Just when you think you have enough knowledge for the ministry, then you discover there is still a lot to learn, for the working with the Holy Spirit is one step at a time. Now the Class of SteelE is helping me to rediscover the part of me that has been sleeping, which is continued learning. 

The Class of SteelE is great for all that want to bring meaning to others, for without love for your fellow man, you will loose your humanity. 

Thank you.

Rev. Dr. Paul Udemba 
Ms Florence Mirembe
My name is Florence Mirembe a citizen of Uganda. I joined the Class of SteelE in November 2020. This training came in at a time when I was planning my next phase of professional life, transitioning from formal employment to self-employment.

I have extensive experience in human resources and general public administration roles attained from both public and private sector organizations in Uganda. Equipped with this experience, I look forward to opportunities that will allow me to achieve my passion of leadership in a non-governmental position which serves communities and teaches life skills and identifies solutions for all their needs; physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

My experience with the class mentored by Dr. Steele, has allowed me to grow as an individual, and has taught me ways I can reach my full potential and work towards a better quality of live and great productivity. I have learnt to believe in myself, and to define my destiny while pursuing excellence, integrity, and respect. I have learnt about ways I can develop myself daily, to live a truthful life that enables me to attain my highest potential, while maintaining the right attitude. The realization after attending the Class of SteelE is everyone needs a mentor to help them reach their fullest potential. 

I am currently being mentored to become a United Nations Peace Ambassador who can serve anywhere in the world in line with my skills and competences. The program has introduced me to the United Nations, Sustainable Development Goals of, the structure, operations, principals, core values and activities of the institution. I look forward to learning, working hard and getting admitted into the group.  I encourage more people out there to join the Class of SteelE regardless of your age, race and career. You will be given knowledge, skills and attitudes to make you a better manager of yourself and others.  

Ms Florence Mirembe