Support Bundle 2

This 'Guidance Program' represents the highest level of individualized, in-depth and continuous level of support The Class of SteelE can provide. 

For those who are satisfied, that this is a journey they want to embark upon, but feel like they truly need a 1-on-1 mentor throughout the process, this 'Mentorship Package' is here to help you reach your goal/s. 

This Package Includes

1. Full Access to the 'The Class of Steele - Small and Private Group Mentoring Sessions' available one (1) day per week for two (2) hours. These sessions will be hosted by Dr. Steele and Associate Mentors.

Note: The sessions for the personalized mentoring WILL NOT be made public as the ones on our YouTube Channel. 

2. 1-on-1 mentoring sessions with Dr. Steele via Zoom video conference. Three (3)  scheduled sessions max. per month. Each session is for two (2) hours max.  Strictly a six (6) months minimum program.

3. Six (6) months to one year commitment.  Minimum commitment on this package is six (6) months. Meeting no less than one (1) hour per month for twelve (12) months. Please Note: Item No: 2 is included for those whose schedule would allow for such time to invest in their growth.

4. Personalized Development Tracker (PDT) and Review.  You will be guided on how to use your personal development tracker for best results. Dr. Steele will review your personal development tracker with you, at a time of your choosing, and use his experience to guide on your specific journey. 

5. Five (5) Personal Development Downloadable Training Videos. These videos will become part of your PD Library of resources which you can refer to along your journey.  You will be given the opportunity to choose your five (5) free PD videos for our PD series containing thirty-five (35) Videos.

6. Discounts on some E-Learning courses offered on our platform. We have over one hundred (100) online courses available.   Our online training is flexible, efficient and cost effective.  All courses are certified and accredited by Regulatory Bodies in the UK - eg: CPD - IOSH - Institute of Hospitality and other International recognized Universities.  

7. Other Resources.  Books from our vast private collection of select readings,  and other tools for development will be made available according to the need.  Support and guidance can also be available to help secure necessary resources.

Additionally, Dr. Steele will also generally act as a mentor to all students on this plan, giving you access to his personal email address, being available to answer the questions you may have throughout the process, and leveraging any personal contacts (within reason and appropriately) to support you - his mentee. 

To make sure we can provide the appropriate level of individual focus to each mentee, we limit the number of this package to only seven (7) persons per-annum. Registration is currently on-going.

If you don't see the product available at any stage during the year and you're convinced it's something you would like to be a part of, please reach out to us at and we can place you on the waiting list.

Shortlisting for our next mentoring program will begin from March 4th 2024.  Program commencement date will be announced to selected mentees only.

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